Why Learning a Language NOW is So Important

When it comes to language learning, a child’s head acts like a sponge and learns all the types of languages they are frequently surrounded by, and so they can easily pick up multiple languages without much complication.

However, as you grow older, and you learn the typical structure and function of your native languages, it increasingly becomes much harder to learn because your mind is also structured around that language’s makeup. The way you think and act is dependent on the language that you’ve learned and are familiar.

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This therefore means that, as you age you so to speak become ‘set in your ways’ when it comes to language, and it becomes increasingly difficult to learn. However, this is also means that the younger you are, the more able you are to pick up a language. Now albeit it is a lot easier as a child compared to adolescence or even adulthood, but it is never impossible even less so if you are a young adult.

I am someone who isn’t naturally bilingual, and the only language I can fluently read a book in is English. However, I have always wanted to become bilingual and be able to understand another language, as I think it’s a useful and valuable quality to have.

So I realised that I had to start as soon as possible if I wanted to give myself the best and easiest chance of learning a language.

Photo by John Appleseed on Unsplash

And it’s a terribly lovely and rewarding thing to do because you’re not forced to do it, learn and language and do all the homework because the school is forcing you to, but you do it because you want to give yourself that extra special skill, and you leave an activity full of pride in yourself and your ability, even if it’s a little bit every day, with a wonderful prize at the end for doing it.

And I know it’s not easy, I find it quite tricky myself keeping up with it frequently enough, especially doing it on my own, but as long as I try and do a little bit of learning every day, or even each other day, then that builds up effectively, so that I can start understanding new verb forms, sentence structures and eventually will all end up with me confidently speaking, reading and writing in another language which is fantastic!

So if you’re a bit like me and have thought for a while, ‘oh I’d really love to learn a little bit of ___’, then start now! The sooner you start then the easier it’ll be for you. It’s a great form of personal growth, and might actually turn out to be a great deal of fun.


Cara Winters



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